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THE LAST MYSTIC (unedited version)



THE LAST MYSTIC (by.Purplelavender)
A guardian who lost his memory. An heiress to a mystical power. Enemies after them. A love unveiled.

She is standing on the edge of a cliff when she heard someone calling her name. “Devon” the voice said. She turned her back and saw James standing a few feet away from her. He reached for her but a strong wind blew and she was surprised by it. A loud thug, a man and a woman suddenly appeared. The woman have red flowing hair, she is wearing a short black dress with a cape on it, and knee-high boots. While the other is a blond man who is wearing an all black garments with a cape too. Their eyes are red with fury.
“We want her dead” the man pointed at Devon who is struggling as she stood still. She is so near the edge and one wrong move, she will definitely fall.  “Yes we want her dead” as the woman shouted the words, the earth started to shake, the man pointed his index to Devon’s place and the rocks suddenly collapsed. Devon fell together with the burning rock.
“Devonnnnnnnnnn… No!!!” she heard James shouting while the two other laughing.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” She shouted as she plunged deeper towards the bottom of the cliff, towards her death.
“Hey, sleepy head wake up.” James said as he taps Devon on the shoulder.  He found her on their favorite spot – the big acacia tree. She is sleeping while leaning on the big trunk. They usually go to the place to think and to just talk about some matters. He heard her scream and he rushed to wake her up. Devon opened her eyes, gasping for air. “James, oh James!” she said and hugged him.
“Whoa, what’s the matter. I don’t usually get a hug from you unless you’ll ask something from me.” He joked.
“No, James. I had a dream, a very bad dream.” She looked at him and continued “ It’s the usual James, you, me and two other people. This time, they managed to finish me.”
He felt that strange feeling again upon hearing what her nightmare is about. She is right, she had been dreaming of those things since they became friends. He glanced at her and she saw her sketching something. Curiously, he leaned towards her and saw faces, fierce faces that brought a nauseating feeling to him. “It’s them James, “ she gave him the sketch. He studied the faces thoroughly. As he look on the woman’s eyes, he felt his head aching. So painful, he lost hold of the sketch pad. He kneeled on the floor while holding his head. Devon rushed to his side, he can hear her say “James, what happening to you?”
“Arggh.” He said. He tightly shut his eyes, memories came rushing. Him on a castle, a training ground. Wind, fire, water and earth… A beautiful face. Protect. Him talking to a bearded man. Him, riding on a big bird. A strong thunder, red hair with red eyes. Fire burning hands…. Him falling from the big bird. Darkness…. “James” he heard Devon calling him that name. James? He is not James… he is Elixair, Guardian of the Mystics. All the memories suddenly came back. He was sent in the mortal world to look after the last heiress of the Mystics. The only one who can defeat the Pyros – an evil tribe who vowed to kill all the Mystics.  “James are you alright? You look pale.” She said. He stared at the beautiful face again. The girl he needs to protect against the Pyros. He was ordered to give her the “Sanibara”. It’s a ring with sapphire and ruby stones on it. To mortal eyes they can see it as a stone-studded ring, but in their world it’s the most sacred thing with the image of a Phoenix. It’s only given to the heir/heiress of the Mystics. The Guardians had been working hard to locate the last heir/heiress and their only hope against the Pyros.  Until they found Devon, the daughter of Catalina and Ammarico, the Magnificent Two who bravely fought against the Pyros. The peaceful environment they are experiencing in Myrandia is because of the two. Until their last breath, they offered their lives to protect the village. According to the elders, they managed to send their daughter “Samirah” in the mortal world with a help of a friend. When the Pyros learned about the last heiress, they did their best to look for the girl. Then another memory, an old woman wiping his face and telling him that she found her on the shore. It’s Aunt Aida, the woman who gave him the name James and the one who adopted him.
“Hey James, you’ve been quiet for a while now. Tell me what’s the matter?” she asked him. She noticed that he had been thinking. She saw the knot on his forehead as sweat streams his face. She had known him for almost a month now. He is a transferee in their school and she is his only friend.  And at the start of their friendship, nightmares didn’t fail to visit her anytime it wanted. James looked at her, then finally he spoke “I’m fine Devon,  I think I already know them.”
“Huh? Who are they?” but he ignored her question. “Happy 18th Birthday Devon. Come with me, I’ll buy your birthday present. You choose, I’ll pay.” He said and laughed. “Thank you James, I thought you didn’t know.” She shyly replied.
He smiled and held his hand to her. “I want to give you another present aside from the one I will buy for you,” James said. He took something from his pocket and gave the ring to Devon. “Here, can you wear it now?” Devon looked at the ring, a very beautiful ring with stones on it. “But James, its expensive. I won’t accept it. And, why there’s a phoenix on it?”she curiously asked. James looked hard at Devon and said “You have to wear it, it’s yours.” He took her right hand then put the ring on Devon’s index finger. “Let’s go.”James said again.
She was about to remove his hand from hers when he held it tight. She looked at him and she saw James staring at her. She felt her heart skip a beat while looking at the handsome face. She knew from the start he is special to her. But what is important, they are good friends. She will always be there for him no matter what. Devon just let James hold her hand. Together they walked their way out of the school. She doesn’t know what she wants for her birthday. A PS3? She naughtily thought of the expensive game gadget or the cheaper one, a Gameboy instead? “No” she said to herself. “His presence is enough for me.” As she thought about it, she gave James a quick glance. His handsome face, his brown eyes, his boyish grin. Her friend James is exceptional.
“We need to find her before she can explore her power! The idiots didn’t do their jobs so its just right to kill them” the red haired girl exclaimed with anger. The woman gritted her teeth and looked down where she can see the city. They are riding a big ball of fire that don’t burn their bodies. They are the Pyros, known for their ability to use fire. Anelesha’s head jerked to the north, her eyes burned with fire. “I can feel the Sanibara, it’s just around the corner” she can sense the striking power coming from the ring. She raised her right hand and pointed to the north. “There” as the word came out from her mouth, the ball of fire fly towards the north. A grin formed in her lips “this is the end, I can feel it Ivandresh.” Surging towards the strong power, Analesha knew that the person they are looking for is on that direction. The Sanibara, the last heiress.” There’s a force that is similar to those of Guardians,” she looked at Ivandresh “do your summoning, we need all the back-ups we can have.”
The sun is starting to set, Devon looked up to see the clouds change its colors. “It’s lovely, isn’t it?” James asked her. They are passing through a clearing to get to the superstores. In their province, it’s safe to just walk to the place. “Yes, I’m so fascinated with the clouds, the sky and nature. I don’t know, but sometimes I feel that I can understand them.” She is still looking in the sky so she didn’t see the expectancy in James’ face. He was about to answer when he feels heat, a kind of heat coming from an erupting volcano. “Stay on my back, Samirah” he said unmindful of the name he called her.
“Who’s Samirah, James? I’m not-”she wasn’t able to finish what she’s saying because James moved in front of her. All happened so suddenly, Devon saw balls of fire approaching them. It’s red blazing color will hit them in no time. Devon shouted, while James stood still. “Stay on my back Samirah” James repeated.
She closed her eyes and braced herself for their death, they will burn she is sure about it. They cannot do anything about the blazing fire flying towards them. Moments passed but she didn’t feel any burning pain in her body. She opened her eyes and was blinded by a light, she looked at James. Bewildered, she saw James’ hands held up high, a shield-like light covering them and the balls of fire dispersing when it hit the shield. What shocked her more is James himself, he is not James anymore for he transformed in his Guardian form. He is wearing a golden breastplate and a big sword on his back.
“James, what’s happening?” She looked around and saw the creatures in her dreams. Larger than life, their eyes are fiercer than in her dreams. The woman’s hair is red with fire. Her beauty is extraordinary but she is frightening. The man on the otherhand looked calm, a kind of calmness that immobilize her senses. She became more afraid when she saw a number of creatures riding in ball of fires. She touched James on the shoulder. James looked and she saw sweat streaking from James face. The shield is breaking, she can already feel the heat. Then a loud bang, three pairs of ugly creatures exploded and became dust. His brother Bret who is dressed like James and a beautiful woman with white flowing hair, blue cape and a big wand arrived.
“We’re glad that you finally remember everything Elexair,”she heard her brother said. She is becoming more and more confused because of the names she is hearing. “I am Friszhia, the holder of the Wind and this is Elomio, Elexair. We came to help you bring Samirah in Myrandia.” The woman said.
“Bret brother, what’s happening?” they are no longer protected by James’ shield. Friszhia summoned a wind wall to protect them. Analesha’s burning red hair grew brighter. “We won’t allow you to bring her in your land, we will finish you all!” she throw a ball of fire in their directions and the others follow her lead to continue their attacks. “Elexair, stay with Samirah inside my wind.” Friszhia said
“Elomio, we need to fight them before they can get their filthy hands on her”. They crouched and positioned themselves, Devon saw how they fly outside the shield. Slashing and breaking every fire that comes their way. Her brother is battling with an ugly one-eyed creature who is carrying a torch. She also saw how big and shiny the sword Bret is carrying, like James, light is coming from his body. The beautiful woman is fighting gracefully with the red-haired girl. Suddenly James said “Its time Samirah, you have to know the truth about yourself. Bear in mind that you are the only hope of your kinds..”James said. He told her about the Mystics, her “parents”, her fate and the “Sanibara”. She raised her right hand and stared hard at the ring. The Phoenix eyes became blue and she felt strong as if she is being possessed by something. “You are Samirah, the last Mystic. Great power is within you. Your fate is Myrandia’s hope.” James told her. “I don’t know Elexair but I can feel that I have to fight them.” Thirsty and hungry of the unknown, she pointed her index finger to a tree and the branches became alive. Its trunks embraced the nearest Pyros and the creature became dust too.
“Noooooooooooo!!!”  Anelesha screamed because she saw what Samirah did. “Kill the Mystic! Kill them all!” fire after fire, she aimed to Friszhia and Elomio. Elexair saw Ivandresh charging to Elomio he said, “whatever happenes, stay on the Wind Samirah. Take care” he touched her face and disappeared. Sword to sword, slash after slash he battled against Ivandresh. Looking at the battlefield, she can say that her “friends” will be defeated anytime soon. Anelasha’s fire is so strong, Friszhia’s wind is getting weaker same as the light that comes from Elexair and Elomios body. She wants to fight, she must help them. Her instinct told her what to do, and the sweet voice talking to her mind. “Fight for Justice daughter, follow your heart. It will know what to do.” She touched the wind shield and slowly it enters her body. It became her, the wind is hers. She took a step forward and closed her eyes.
“Samirah!” Elexair shouted because Anelesha fired in her directions while riding the dragon. Ivandresh managed to summon the “Imperio” a fire burning dragon and the most dangerous and powerful creature of all Pyros. She opened her eyes and saw Elexair lying on the floor, his light vanished and his breastplate shattered. She run towards him, tears flowing from her face. “James, oh James.” she said. “Don’t cry Devon, I’m alright. My duty is to protect you Mystic. I am your Guardian.” He closed his eyes as Devon cried in his side. “Samirah, don’t worry about him. Soon he will be alright.” Friszhia said. She too is becoming weaker. Her eyes surveyed the place to look for Elomio who is struggling to fight three Pyros at the same time. She needs to do something. They are only four against a number of enemies.
She stand up, held up her hands, her eyes became a cold blue – the Sanibara glows. “I am Samirah, daughter of  Catalina and Ammarico, the last Mystic” as she said the words while walking, her body emits a blue fiery light. “I am the fate and hope of Myrandia, receive the fury of the Phoenix!” she shouted.  Samirah uttered a prayer and all the trees came to life, branches crawling on the Pyros’ bodies. “I command the water spirits to extinguish the fire” thunder boomed and rain poured, the enchanted water blasted all the fire and some creatures became dust in no time. Some Pyros managed to put a shield on them. Anelesha shielded the Imperio against Samirah’s attack. The crystal rain stopped pouring. Half of the enemies had been defeated by Samirah’s power.
Samirah looked in Elexair’s location She saw him standing together with Elomio and Freszhia. She smiled because the lights coming from their bodies has become stronger. They are ready for the final battle. Guardians and Mystic against the evil Pyros.  She waited for them to reach her, side by side, their mystical powers combined they will surely win. “For Myrandia, finish all the Pyros.” Samirah shouted. Her blue light grew stronger, a large blue Phoenix came out from the Sanibara. She rode the Phoenix and fly to battle the evil Imperio. Fire after fire, blue and red fire coming from Samirah and Anelesha. Elomio and Friszhia finished the remaining Pyros, Elexair’s sword on Ivandresh head before it became dust. The battle is just between Samirah’s Phoenix and Anelesha’s Imperio. “I will kill you Mystic!” Imperio breathed fire but The Phoenix avoids it. Samirah stood up while riding the blue Phoenix, hands raised on both sides

 “For Myrandia! For my parents and for all the Mystics and Guardians. Spirit of Water, Wind and Earth be unto me.” her words thundered in the whole place, strong wind, water flooding and the earth shaking. Her blue Phoenix became red and became bigger. “Die Pyros,die!” Samirah and the Phoenix both fired in Anelesha’s directions. A loud bang and a blinding light, then there’s silence.  Anelesha and its Imperio is defeated. Samirah is standing still and the Sanibara is still glowing. “It’s finished, we won.” She heard Elomio said. “We have to bring you to Myrandia where you belong Samirah.”Friszhia told her. She nodded and looked at Elexair who is staring at her. “You are extraordinary Devon.” He said. “Thank you James. Why did you do it?” she asked. “Did what? I told you that’s my duty. To guide and guard you. And I couldn’t bear to see you in pain Devon.”He embraced her tight. “Come home with us Devon, I will be your Guardian forever. You are my Mystic, my Samirah.” Devon just smiled at him, she knew they have all the time in Myrandia to love and protect each other. - end



Tulad ng sinabi ni James, soon nga ay nagpakasal sila. Ngunit hindi inakala ni Devon na ang soon na yun ay kinabukasan  matapos nilang mag-usap. James surprised her dahil dinala sya nito sa Manila City Hall para idaos ang kanilang simple civil wedding. Ang katwiran nito, hindi na daw ito makapaghintay na maging asawa sya at natatakot daw itong mawala na naman sya. What surprised her more is the presence of her family maging nila Bret at Jasmine.

James managed to call them and make peace with them. Ito rin ang umayos sa mabilis na pagtungo ng mga mahal nya sa buhay sa bansa. Her mother cried with her ng matapos ang kasal nila ni James. Naging madamdamin ang simpleng kasalang iyon at maging ang kanilang anak na si RJ ay naiyak. James promised to give her the wedding of the year bago matapos ang taon. Aayusin nila ang lahat ng detalye ng church wedding nila, ngunit para sa kanya ayos lang kahit wala noon. Ang mas mahalaga ay magkasama sila, at dala nya ang pangalan ng kanyang asawa.

She remembered their vows,

“For better or worse, till death and beyond do us part, kahit na ilang taon pa ang lumipas. Noon, ngayon, bukas at kailanman, I will love and cherish you forever my Cookie.” Wika ni James. Nakarinig sila ng mahinang tawa mula sa mga tao sa paligid.

“I will love you with all my heart,cherish and serve you forever.Kahit ilang bagyo o lindol man ang dumaan, you’re the only love that I want.  With all my heart, Monster.” Sagot nya dito. Ang kaninang mahihinang tawa ay naging halakhak.

“Now, I pronounce you  husband and wife. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mr. and Mrs. Cookie Monster, er I mean Mr. and Mrs. Rivera.” Anunsiyo ng Judge na nagkasal sa kanila.

Huminto na din si James sa pagiging singer at kalat na sa buong bansa ang istorya nila.  Some fans got angry dahil inilihim daw nito ang tungkol sa kanila. Ngunit ng magkaroon ito ng isang exclusive interview inamin nitong hindi din nito alam ang tungkol kay RJ. Maraming naantig sa kwento nila, some asked them if they can make a film or write a book about them. Pero mahigpit nilang tinutulan iyon. Tanggap siya ng mga fans ni James Roy, dahil bukod sa may sariling pangalan ang pamilya nila ay sikatdin ang kanyang ina sa alta-sosyedad. Bibihira ang hindi nakakakilala kay Devvine May Castillanes.

“Remeniscing again Mama?” pukaw sa kanya ng isang malamyos na tinig. Naputol ang pag-iisip ni Devon sa nakalipas ng mamalayan ang kaniyang anak.

“My sweet Jade, bakit naman bigla kang sumusulpot?” tanong nya sa katorse anyos na anak. Jade is their second child. A very sweet girl na kawangis pa rin ng ama nito. Both Jade ang RJ looks exactly like their father.  “Where’s your brother?”

“Papa asked him to get the flowers, baka parating na po. Excited ka naman masyado Mama!”
Mahinang kurot ang iginanti nya dito. “Niloloko mo ba ko honey?”

Jade smiled showing those lovely dimples, “ E kasi naman po, kanina pa kayo nakatulala at ngumingiti mag-isa, you’re thinking about Papa noh.” Tudyo ng anak nya.

Inirapan nya ito bago sumagot, “Speaking of your father, dumating na ba sya?”

“I knew it, di ka makapaghintay sa party nyo later. Uyy si Mama!” patuloy na tudyo ng kanyang anak.

“You’re such a pest sometime sweetheart, answer my question.” Kunwaring galit na wika nya. Nakita nyang naging seryoso na ang kanyang dalaga.

“I’m sorry Mama, peace,” sagot nito at nag-peace sign pa sa kanya habang pilit na nakangiti. Natawa sya sa ekpresyon ng anak. Jade is such a clown, kabaligtaran ng kuya RJ nito na laging seryoso at tutok talaga sa pag-aaral.

“Papa visited Tita Ann,” tipid na sagot ng kanyang anak. May idadagdag pa sana ito ng mayroong ng doorbell. Jade hurriedly went outside to check who their visitor is.

She sighed, dinalaw ni James ang puntod ni Ann. Ulila ng lubos ang asawa nya, dahil isang buwan matapos ang civil wedding nila at inihahanda ang mga kakailanganin para sa  kanilang church wedding, Ate Ann passed away kaya ang church wedding nila ay naganap ng sumunod na taon pagkatapos ng babang-luksa ng kanyang asawa. Hindi na nakayanan ng katawan nito ang tumamang sakit dito.She died of Leukemia and some complications on her lungs. James was devasted and she mourned with her husband. Nagkaayos na sila ni Ann bago iyon at humingi ng tawad ang babae sa kanya. Patrick was even more devastated dahil umasa itong gagaling pa si Ann at matutuloy din ang kasal ngmga ito. But now, he had moved on. Patrick is now happy with his own family. Kung nabubuhay lang si Ann ngayon, nasisiguro nyang mamahalin nito ang kanyang mga anak.

Tumayo na sya at inalis ang lahat ng alaala ng sampung taong nakalipas. Yes, ten years had passed and they are still much inlove with each other. James and her, they are happy with their children RJ who is now 17 and their daughter Jade.

Ipinasya ni Devon na i-check ang mga kusinerang nagluluto at ang mga naghahanda sa kanilang hardin. Today is their tenth year anniversary,  ten years of being together. Minsan nagkakaroon sila ng hindi pagkakaunawan na natural sa mag-asawa, but James being the sweet and kindest man of all always see to it that they will kiss and make up before the day ends.

Natanaw nyang paparating na ang kanyang asawa. Sinalubong ni Devon si James ng may ngiti sa labi na sinuklian naman ng huli.

“Hello there my queen.” Bati ni James at ginawaran sya ng magaan na halik.

“Hi there my king.” Sagot naman nya. They laughed because of their silliness, minsan ganoon sila parang mga bata kung magbiruan. Nakita nyang kumakaway sa kanila si Jade, she blew her a flying kiss at ang lokong bata sinalo iyon at inilagay sa bulsa. Tawa ng tawa si James dahil sa kakulitan ng prinsesa nito. She sighed happily, totoo ang happily ever after dahil nararanasan nya iyon ngayon.


Lagot sya sa mga magulang nya, dahil natagalan syang bumalik. His father asked him to pick up the flowers na ibibigay sa kaniyang Mama. His parents will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. Someday, he wish that he will find a woman like her mother. Alam nya ang hirap ng kaniyang Mama dahil karamay sya nito ng mga panahong umiiyak ito. Kahit kailan ay hindi sya nagalit sa kanyang Papa at lalo nyang naunawaan ang lahat ng maging mas may-isip na sya.

Napapreno si RJ bigla ng may biglang tumawid mula sa kung saan. Mabuti na lang at hindi sya tumilapon mula sa kanyagn XRM. Sinundan nya ng tingin ang batang muntik na nyang masagasaan. She is looking at him too, kaya nakita nya ang mukha nito. Maganda ang batang babae kahit marungis ito. Nakita nya ang takot na bumalot sa mga inosenteng mukha nito ng lingunin ng bata ang lugar na pinanggalingan. Mabilis itong tumakbo, nais nya sanang habulin ang batang babae ngunit naisip nyang mas lalo syang pagagalitan kung hindi pa sya uuwi ngayon. Muling pinaandar ni RJ ang kanyang motorsiklo habang nasa isip ang bata. He cannot erase  from his mind the little girl’s stare. Masyadong expressive ang mga mata nito at iyon ang natatak sa kanyang isipan. Nagkibit balikat na lang sya dahil imposibleng magka-crush sya sa musmos. At malapit na syang sagutin ng nililigawan nya, kaya naman napangiti sya sa isiping iyon. Nagpatuloy na sya sa pagpapatakbo ng XRM hanggang sapitin nya ang tahanan nilang nagsisimula ng maging maingay. Hudyat na simula na ang celebration ng anniversary ng Mama Devon at Papa James nila ni Jade.


“Lagot ka kuya, bilisan mo . Ikaw na ang susunod doon, magbihis ka.” Sermon sa kanya ng kapatid na si Jade. “Tigilan mo ko Jade ha, sige alis.”pagtataboy nya dito. Mabilis siyang nagbihis ng formal suit at inayos ang kanyang buhok. Habang nakaharap sa salamin ay hindi nya mapigilang matawa dahil mukha ng kanyang ama ang nakikita nya.

“Kuya bilisan mo ano ba, ikaw na ang susunod. Hurry up lazyboy!” narinig nyang sigaw ng kapatid nya. “Yes strongheaded girl, I’m coming !” sagot nya at binuksan ang pintuan. Jade eyebrow is raised so he can’t help but laugh. Sinuntok sya ng kapatid at tumakbo ito palayo sa kanya. Napailing na lang sya, dahil nakabistida ang kapatid nya at umasal ito ng ganon.
He walked through the garden where the party is being held. He waved at his parents and grandparents pati sa iba pang bisitang naroon.  Eksaktong tinawag sya upang magbigay ng regalo sa kanyang mga magulang. Tinungo ni RJ ang stage kung saan mayroong live band na tumutugtog. He nodded at them and the intro started to play.

“I made this song for my ever loving parents, Mama, Papa, this song is for you. Hope you like it. Happy anniversary.” Tipid na wika nya dahil ayaw nya.

“Do you remember when we first met? I sure do
It was some time in early September
Though you were lazy about it,
You made me wait around
I was so crazy about you, I didn’t mind.”

Pasimula nyang awit habang nakatingin sa mga magulang.

“So I was late for a class,
I locked my bike to yours
It wasn’t hard to find, you painted flowers on
Guess that I ws afraid that if you rolled away
You might not roll back my
Direction real soon.”

He saw that his father grabbed his mother’s hand, and as he continue to sing the song he wrote for them, his parents are dancing in the middle of the stage. Just like royalties in a royal ball, the King and Queen sways to the music.

“But I was crazy about you then and now
The craziest thing of all
Over ten years have gone by
And you’re still mine
We’re locked in time
Let’s rewind.”

“Do you remember when
We first moved in together?
The piano took up the living room
You’d play me boogie-woogie,
I play you love songs
You’d say we’re playing house
 Now you still say we are”

Now the floor is filled with couple dancing, his sister gave her a thumb up sign. He smiled at her and continued singing.

“We built our getaway
Up in a tree we found
We felt so far away but we were still in town
\Now I remember watching that
Old tree burn down
I took a picture that I don’t like to look at”
“Well all those times  they come and go
And alone don’t seem so long
Over ten years have gone by
We can’t rewind
We’re locked in time
But you’re still mine
Do you remember?”

Pagtatapos nya sa awit. His family inspires him to write songs too, at tulad ng awiting ito na para sa wagas at matibay na pagmamahalan ng kaniyang magulang, umaasa syang balang araw ay makakatagpo silang magkapatid ng isang tunay na pag-ibig. Napapikit sya at biglang pumasok sa balintataw nya ang batang babaeng iyon. He smiled without any reason kaya naman hindi nya namalayang inaakay na pala sya ni Jade.

“Nananaginip ka ng gising kuya.” Tuya nito sa kanya.

Hindi nya na lang ito pinansin at binati ang mga magulang. “Happy anniversary Mama, Papa.” He said and hugged both of them.  Niyakap silang magkapatid ng kanilang mga magulang, a very big group hug. Nagkatinginan sila ni Jade at alam nyang pareho sila ng iniisip ng kapatid. Looking at their parents with so much love and joy, he knew that they have conquered every trial that love has to give.

His parents’ lovestory is one that defied time and fate. Truly, James Roy and Princess Devon have crawled back into Love. And they have won the race with flying colors.



Love knows no boundaries. Kung truelove talaga, kahit anong pagsubok o paghihirap, lumipas man ang taon at marami mang nangyari sa nakaraan, ang dalawang pusong tapat na nagmamahal at umaasa ay muling magkakatuluyan. Love is a gift, never take it for granted. Dahil hindi lahat ay nabibigyan ng second chance.

Thank you again for reading. ^_^
God bless you all.






Naguguluhan si James sa inasal ni Devon, kanina lang naroon na ang pagkakataong tuluyan na silang mabuong muli. Ramdam nya sa puso nyang pareho pa rin sila nararamdaman. Masaya sya kanina dahil nakita nya ang pagmamahal sa mga mata ni Devon. Ngunit bakit bigla itong umalis?

“Why Devon?” buntong-hininga nya. Maraming alaala ang nagbalik kaninang nasa bisig nya ang babae. Mga alaala ng kanilang kabataan, ang kasiyahan ng kanilang unang pagkakaibigan – ang lahat. Si Devon lang ang tanging babaeng nakapagpadama sa kanya ng ganoon. Now he feels like the hole on his chest is starting to mend. Dahil bumabalik na ang mga piraso nitong nadurog noon. The woman who shattered his heart in pieces is the same cure for it to be whole again.

He sighed again and decided to go inside the house. Bukas na lang sila ulit mag-uusap.  Binagtas nya ang daan patungo sa pinto ng mapansin nyang nalaglag pala ni Devon ang jacket na ibinalabal nya dito. Pinulot nya ito at ng muling tumayo ay may nahagip ang kanyang paningin. Parang may tao  o hayop sa paligid dahil narinig nyang gumalaw ang mga damo.

Tinungo nya ang lugar kung saan may narinig syang kaluskos ngunit wala naman syang nakitang kakaiba. Ngunit nararamdaman nyang mayroong ibang tao sa paligid, kung bakit yun ang hindi nya alam.

Nagpatuloy sya sa pagpasok sa bahay at doon sya tumawag sa security post na malapit sa kanyang lugar. It’s better to be safe dahil nasa tahanang iyon ang pinakamahalagang tao sa buhay nya – ang kanyang mag-ina.


“Shit! Tanga ka kasi, kung kanina mo pa ginawa sana nasusunog na ngayon ang mga walang kwentang yon!”galit na wika nya sa kausap. Matutulog na dapat sya pagkatapos nyang ubusin ang isang bote ng wine, lasing na sya alam nya. Ngunit nagising ang diwa nya dahil sa sinabi ng kausap.

“Lumayas ka na dyan, at kung masabotahe ka dahil sa kabobohan mo, huwag na huwag mong idadawit ang pangalan ko.Kung hindi malilintikan ang pamilyo mo Kadyo.” Banta ni Tricia sa kausap.

Bulilyaso ang plano nya dahil sa biglang pagsulpot ni James. Hindi naman nya hahayaang pati ito ay madamay sa ipinapagawa nya. Kailangan umisip lang sya ng ibang strategy kung paano mawawala sa landas nya ang mag-ina. Alam nyang malambot ang puso ni Devon at yun ang gagamitin nyang advantage. Hindi na nya kakailanganing gumamit ng dahas pagnagkataon.

“You’re such a clever woman, Trisha, very clever.” Puri nya sa sarili habang tatawa-tawang bumagsak sa kama.


Nagising si Devon sa mabangong amoy sa silid. Nagmulat sya ng mata at bumungad sa kanya ang kanyang mag-ama na nakangiting naghihintay sa paggising nya.

“Good morning,” magkasabay na bati nila James at RJ. Lumapit ang anak  nya at ginawaran sya ng halik sa pisngi.

“Mama, Papa cooked a special breakfast for you, I helped him.”pagmamalaking wika ng kanyang anak. Itinuro pa nito ang mesa sa loob ng silid kung saan naroon ang almusal.

“Good morning, handsome men.” Nakangiting tugon nya. “Please excuse me but I think I need to freshen up bago tayo mag-almusal.” Nahihiyang wika nya. Conscious sya kung anong itsura nya ng mga oras na iyon dahil sa presenya ni James sa silid, ngunit ng maalalang hindi na nga pala sya teenager ay bumalik ang wisyo nya. Tumayo sya at tinungo ang banyo na nasa loob ng silid pagkatapos magpasintabi sa mga kasama. Habang nasa loob ng banyo ay rinig ni Devon ang masayang tawanan ng kanyang mag-ama. She sighed, kung magiging selfish lang sya hahayaan nya si James sa piling nilang mag-ina dahil yoon ang gusto ng puso nya. Ngunit nakapagbitiw sya ng pangako kay Tricia. Naiinis din sya kay James dahil sa kabila ng katotohanang magiging ama na ito sa anak nito kay Tricia ay nagagawa pa ng lalaking makipaglapit muli sa kanya.

“You’re matagal Mama,” nakalabing wika ni RJ. “the food is delicious kaya.” Natawa sya sa taglish na pagsasalita nito ngunit nagiging matatas na rin ang bata sa pagsasalita ng tagalog.

“Sorry honey,  but Mama needs to do some essentials first.” Sagot nya sa anak at bahagya pang ginulo ang buhok nito. Nang mapadako ang paningin nya kay James ay nakatitig na naman ang lalaki sa kanya.  Pinagtaasan nya ito ng kilay dahil inis pa rin sya dito.

“Para saan naman yun?” tanong nito na ang tinutukoy ay ang ginawa nya.  Kibit-balikat lang ang isinagot nya dito at nauna na sa pagtungo sa mesa. Maliit lang ang mesa sa loob ng silid ngunit kasya ang tatlong tao.  Fried rice, egg, cheese omelet at mango juice ang inihanda ni James. Tahimik lang syang kumakain habang nag-uusap ang mag-ama nya. Batay sa pakikinig, nangako si James kay RJ na isasama nito ang anak sa susunod na guesting nito ngunit hindi sya sang-ayon doon.

“What’s wrong Devon?” tanong ni James sa kanya. Nahalata na nitong kanina pa sya walang imik. Malapit na silang matapos kumain ng agahan kaya sinabihan nya ang kanyang anak na maglaro muna. The sooner she’ll talk to James, the lesser her suffering.

“Can we talk?” tumayo sya at tinungo ang bintana. “I can’t let it this way James, you will have a family of your own soon at hindi kami reserba lang ng anak ko.”  Matigas na wika nya.

“Teka, anong ibig mong sabihin?” halata sa mukha ni James ang pagtataka. Hindi alam ni Devon kung nagkukunwari lang ito o sadyang totoo ang inaasal nito.

“Please huwag mo na akong pahirapan ng ganito James, ituon mo na lang kay Tricia at sa magiging anak nyo ang lahat ng oras mo. Babalik na kami sa U.K. sa lalong madaling panahon para hindi na makagulo sa inyo.” Malungkot na wika nya.

“What?! Anong kalokohan yang sinasabi mo Devon?” galit na wika ni James at namalayan nyang nasa likod na nya ito. Ayaw nyang lingunin si James dahil ayaw nyang makita nito ang mga luhang kanina pa dumadaloy sa kanyang mga mata.

“Ano ang ibig mong sabihin Devon? Magiging anak? Kanino, kay Tricia?” sunod-sunod na tanong nito. Nagulat sya ng marinig ang malakas na halakhak nito. She wiped her tears and faced James. He is really laughing, but his laughter is dry.

“Hindi nakakatawa ang sinabi ko James, why laugh like there’s no tomorrow?” inis na wika nya.
Tinitigan sya ni James ng diretso sa mga mata bago ito nagsalita “Ang nakakatawa ay kung paano ko mabubuntis si Tricia ng wala namang nangyayari sa aming dalawa Devon.”

“How could that be? Nakita ko ang  medical certificate nya, pinakita nya sakin.” Huli na ng maisip nyang hindi nya dapat sinabi iyon dahil nagtanong si James. Wala na syang nagawa kundi ang sabihin dito na nakipagkita si Tricia sa kanya noon at nakiusap na huwag makipagkita kay James.

“So she knew all along na nandito ka sa bansa kaya minamadali nya ko tungkol sa kasal.” Pahayag ni James. “Kaya ba nagbago kang bigla kagabi dahil akala mo na may pangako kang babaliin?  Wala akong pananagutan kay Tricia and I can prove you that.”

Hindi nakaimik si Devon dahil sa pag-iisip. Kung totoo ang sinasabi ni James, ibig sabihin ay niloko lang sya ni Tricia. Makasarili pa rin ito hanggang ngayon. Her cellphone rang and James took it to give to her.

“It’s Tricia,” wika nito habang nakakunot-noo. “Favor please, paki loud speaker para marinig ko.” Bilin nito bago nya sagutin ang tawag. Tulad ng hiling nito , she put the call on speaker mode.

“Hello,” bati niya.

“Devon, meet me again. I really need to talk to you.” Sagot agad ng babae. Wala man lang hello o ano pa man.

“I’m busy Tricia.”

“No, hindi pwede!” sigaw nito. Susunod na namalayan nya ay ang hagulgol ng babae “James’ not answering my call anymore, he doesn’t even visit me Devon!”

Hindi sya sumagot dahil nakita nya ang pagsilay ng sarkastikong ngiti mula kay James.

“Hello, are you still there?” tanong ni Tricia. “Yes, go on.” Sagot nya dito.

“You promised me Devon, kawawa ang magiging baby naming ni James. Meet me again, I really need to talk to you.” Wika nito habang patuloy na umiiyak.

She glanced at James and she saw that he’s clenching his jaw. He nodded, a sign that she needs to agree with Tricia.

She sighed, “Ok saan tayo magkikita?” tanong niya. Sinabi nito ang lugar kung saan sila magkikita at nagpaalam na ito. Katahimikan ang bumalot sa silid matapos ang tawag. Puro kasinungalingan na lang ba ang mangyayari sa pagtigil nila sa Pilipinas?

“I will go with you,” basag ni James sa pananahimik nila “On the second thought, we will go with you.”

“No James, huwag mo ng idamay si RJ.”pakiusap nya.

“Sasama kami ni RJ para sabihin kay Tricia na wala na syang maaasahan sa akin Devon.” Galit na wika nito. “Puro kasinungalingan ang sinabi nya sayo, at kung totoong buntis man sya wala na akong pakialam kung sino ang ama ng anak nya.” Tinalikuran na sya ni James at nagtungo sa pintuan ngunit bago ito tuluyang lumabas ay nagwika ito. “One thing’s for sure , hindi ako ang ama.”

Niloko nga sya ni Tricia dahil nakikita nya ang sinseridad sa mga mata ni James. Hindi iyon marunong magsinungaling kaya naniniwala sya sa sinabi ng lalaki. Relief flooded her, dahil hindi na nya kailangang maguilty pa. Magkakaroon na ng katuparan ang mga hiling nya, na mabuo ang pamilya nila at makapiling muli ang lalaking tanging minahal nya. Ngunit bago yun, kailangan tapusin muna nila ang mga kasinungalingan ni Tricia.


She decided that she will go early in their meeting place. Pinili ni Tricia ang tagong bahagi ng restaurant na iyon. Ngunit hindi tulad ng naunang pagkikita nila ni Devon, nakalantad sa madla ang mukha nya. She doesn’t give a damn kung pagkaguluhan or pagtinginan sya. She will just make it quick with Devon. Konting drama at iyak lang, at ipapakita nya lang ang fake certificate na nagsasaad na maselan ang pagbubuntis nya, nasisiguro nyang tapos na ang pananatili ni Devon sa bansa.

She smiled and called the waiter, he asked for a glass of  red wine. “Hmm, after this “soap opera”, I’m sure James will hate her again dahil muli syang iiwan ni Devon.” She silently laughed.

Iniabot sa kanya ng waiter ang kopita na naglalaman ng red wine at nakangiting sumimsim sya doon. Sa lalong madaling panahon dapat magpakasal na sila ni James dahil nahahalata na ngbuwisit na ama ng batang dinadala nya ang pagbubuntis nya. Ayaw nyang mawalan ng career dahil malaking hirap ang dinanas nya makamit lang kung nasaan sya ngayon.

“Yaan ba ang buntis, umiinom ng alak.” Nasamid sya ng marinig ang boses ni James. Namutla sya ng makita ito kasama ni Devon. Napamura siya sa isip ng makita ang galit sa mata ng binata. She angrily looked at Devon ngunit napukaw ang paningin nya ng batang nakahawak dito. Kamukhang-kamukha ni James ang bata kaya nahinuha nyang ito si RJ.

“Ngayon Tricia, sa harapan ko, sabihin mo kay Devon ang gusto mong sabihin.” Utos ni James sa kanya.

She cannot speak, at nararamdaman nyang namumula din ang mukha nya.

“Cat  got your tongue, ha?” tuya ni James sa kanya. “Itutuloy namin ni Devon ang nasayang na mga taon Tricia. Itutuloy ko ang walong taon ko ng planong pagpapakasal sa kanya. At hindi ang kasinungalingan mo ang sisira sa amin ngayon. Wala na akong pakialam kung saan mo hahagilapin ang ama ng batang dinadala mo, o kung talagang buntis ka nga. You almost ruined us Tricia, pasalamat ka at napakabait ni Devon dahil ayaw ka nyang masaktan.” Diretsong wika ni James.  Hinawakan nito sa kamay si Devon at inakay palabas ng restaurant. Pero hindi sya papayag na basta na lang itapon ng ganoon ni James. Nakakaagaw na sila ng atensyon, dahil bukod sa sikat silang pareho ay may kasama pa itong mag-ina.

“Please James, let me explain. Ayaw kong mawala ka please.” Pakiusap nya habang ilang hakbang pa lang ang layo ng mga ito sa kanya.

“I’m sorry Tricia, alam mo sa simula pa lang – ” pinutol nya ang sasabihin nito dahil galit na galit na sya. Kung mawawala si James, mas maganda pang tuluyan na itong mawala sa mundo.

“I rather kill you kaysa mapunta sa babaeng yan!” itinutok niya kay James ang maliit na baril na dala nya. Alam nyang katangahan ang ginagawa nya dahil maraming taong makakakita. Di bale ng mabulok sya sa kulungan basta wala ng James na pakikinabangan si Devon.

“James!” sigaw ni Devon. Umiyak naman ang batang si RJ ng makitang may baril na nakatutok sa ama nito. Akmang kakalabitin na nya ang gatilyo ng makaramdam sya ng hampas sa tagiliran nya.

“Ouch! S-h-i-t!” nabitawan nya ang baril at agad na lumapit si James sa kanya. Kinuha nito ang baril na nalaglag sa sahig habang namimilipit sya sa sakit.

‘Salamat pare, tumawag na kayo ng pulis.” Wika nito sa lalaking nasa likod nya. Nakita nyang isa itong waiter na may dala itong manipis na pamalo. Damn that man, damn all the men in the world. Sila ang sumira sa buhay nya. Si James, ang walang kwentang ama ng dinadala nya at ang hindi kilalang waiter na ito. She is doomed, she can hear the siren from the police car approaching.  Sira na sya, wala na syang kinabukasan. She laughed and looked at them. Pity is written all over Devon and RJ’s faces. Anger and disbelief naman ang kay James. She doesn’t need all of that from them. She laughed again, mas malakas kaysa sa nauna nyang tawa. Tawa lang sya ng tawa hanggang maramdaman nya ang malamig na bagay sa kanyang pulsuhan. Humahalakhak pa rin sya ng maisakay na siya sa police car. Wala na syang magagawa kundi ang tumawa ng tumawa na lang.


“Are you okay Devon?” tanong ni James sa kanya. Nakatulog na si RJ sa kakahintay dito at mukhang maayos na din ang lagay ng bata. Nagkaroon ito ng kaunting shock sa  nangyari kanina sa restaurant ngunit dahil sa matalinong bata ang kanyang anak at kinausap nya ito ng masinsinan, nakalimot na din ito sa nangyari. Matapos ang nangyari sa pagitan nila ni Tricia, nagpaiwan si James sa Manila upang asikasuhin ang pagsasampa ng demanda laban dito.

Kalat na sa buong bansa ang eskandalong ginawa ni Tricia. Ang pagtatangka nito kay James at ang paglitaw ng pangalan nilang mag-ina bilang pamilya ni James. Nakatanggap din sya ng tawag mula sa kanyang mga magulang na hindi na tinapos ang bakasyon upang makapunta ng Pilipinas. Nag-aalala ang mga ito at muli siyang pinilit na bumalik na sa U.K. Ngunit kinausap nya ang kanyang mga magulang at sinabing susubok silang muli ni James.

“I’m fine, nakatulog na ang anak mo.” Tipid na wika nya. Hindi nya alam kung saan na naman sila magsisimula ni James. Wala na si Tricia na tanging hadlang upang mabuo silang muli. Malaya na nyang tatanggapin ang kung ano mang iaalay ni James sa kanya. Ngunit nalulungkot pa rin sya para kay Tricia.

“That’s good, we can now talk properly.” Tinabihan siya nito sa sofa. Gusto nyang malaman ang nangyari kay Tricia. Kahit papano naging  kaibigan nya ito.

“How’s Tricia?” habag ang bumalot sa puso nya ng marinig mula kay James na tawa pa rin ito ng tawa kahit na nasa loob na ito ng kulungan. Kinausap daw ng ama ni Tricia si James na iatras ang demanda laban sa anak at iyon ang pinagiisipan ni James. Baka daw dalhin sa isang mental institution ang babae dahil hindi na normal ang kinikilos nito. James felt guilty kaya isinangguni nito sa kanya na iaatras na lang nito ang demanda. She agreed, gusto din nyang gumaling si Tricia at magkaayos silang lahat balang araw.

“Ngayong malinis na ang pangalan ko Devon, maari ko na bang sabihin sayo ang hindi ko nasabi kagabi?” tanong ni James sa kanya at hinawakan ang kanyang mga kamay.

She directly looked in his eyes, hindi na sya natatakot na Makita nito ang nararamdaman nya. Hindi na nya pipigilan ang sariling muling lumigaya sa piling ni James. Ngayon, hindi na sya papayag na may humadlang pa.

“Yes go ahead Monster.” Sagot niya dito. Nakita nya ang pagliwanag ng mukha ni James ng marinig nito ang salitang walong taon na nitong hindi naririnig.

Niyakap sya ni James ng mahigpit at kinintilan ng halik sa sentido.

“Mahal na mahal kita Devon, hindi iyon nawala. Siguro matagal lang iyong nakatago sa puso ko dahil galit at pait ang pilit kong pinararamdam sa sarili ko.” Huminto ito at tinignan sya “At sa nalalabing panahon ng buhay ko, iaalay ko iyon sa iyo. Let me take away all the pain and the sufferings that I’ve caused you. Let me be the man who will take care of you, let me be the father of my son. Let me love you forever and be my wife Devon.” Madamdaming wika ni James habang isinusuot sa daliri nya ang isang singsing. She cried again and again, dahil muli nyang narinig mula dito ang pagmamahal nito para sa kanya.

“Yes James, at hindi nawala kailanman ang pagmamahal ko sayo.”maiksing tugon nya. Hindi nya masabi ang lahat ng gusto nya dahil nauunahan sya ng kanyang emosyon. After eight long years, here they are staring at each other. Love all written on their face, sapat na iyon upang masabing nakahanda silang muling harapin ang bukas na magkasama. Mas matibay kaysa sa pag-iibigan nila walong taon na ang nakakalipas.

Nang sa wakas ay sakupin ni James ang kanyang mga labi, naguunahang tumulo ang kanyang mga luha. Simpleng halik lang ang ibinigay ni James ngunit ang maramdaman ang mainit na labi nito at ang mahigpit na yakap mula dito, pakiramdam nya napawi ang matagal nyang pagkauhaw dahil sa paglalakbay sa disyerto. Nabura ng simpleng halik na iyon ang lahat ng mga nangyari sa nakalipas na walong taon. Muli’t muli niyang iaalay kay James Roy ang lahat-lahat sa kanya.

“I’m finally HOME, my cookie.” Wika ni James. Napansin nyang namumula din ang mga mata nito. “This is the happiest day of my life Devon, ang muli kang matawag na akin. At alam kong panghabang-buhay  na ito.” Muling sambit ni James habang yakap sya. Ngiti lang ang kanyang isinagot ng bigla silang magulat na dalawa.

“Uy, bati na sila! Yes! We will stay forever as one family na Mama, Papa!” narinig nilang wika ni RJ. Nagising pala ito at hindi nila namalayang malapit na sa kanila. “Thank you Mama,” sabi ni RJ at niyakap sya. “Thank you Papa, my Papa.” Tulad ng ginawa sa kanya ng anak niyakap din nito ang ama.

“And I love you both so much.”dagdag pa ng anak. She didn’t replied dahil naramdaman nya ang muling pagyakap ni James sa kanya habang yakap naman nito sa isang kamay ang anak.

“Yes my son, we are family and we’ll stay forever. Mahal na mahal ko din kayong mag-ina and soon, as in very soon we will get married.”wika ni James.

She couldn’t ask for more, maligaya na sya na ngayon ay kapiling na ng anak niya ang matagal na nawalay na ama nito. Ngunit mas maligaya ang puso nya dahil sa kabila ng mga taon na lumipas ang batang pag-iibigan nila ni James ay sinubok ng tadhana at ngayon ay mas lalong patitibayan ng bukas.

She thanked the Lord for giving her these two precious gifts. Aside from her Lolos and father JP, James and RJ are the most important men in her life. A contented and happy woman, that’s her, Princess Devon Palacios and soon to be Mrs. James Roy Rivera. Everything is perfect!


CHAPTER 30                        

James opened the door and entered his house. Hindi na nya kayang maghintay pa ng bukas para makita at makasama ang mag-ina nya. Pero bago sya umalis ng ospital ay inayos nya muna ang lahat ng kailangan ng ate nya. His sister will undergo a series of test and chemotherapy or HSCT until they find her compatible donor. Nalulungkot sya dahil hindi sya pwedeng  donor sa Ate Ann ngunit gagawin nila ang lahat ni Patrick para makahanap ng donor dito. Napagpasyahan nila ni Patrick na kapag hindi naging maayos ang lagay ng ate nya ay dadalhin nila ito sa Amerika.

He can see the effect of her Ate Ann’s sickness to his friend. They are planning to get married this year ngunit paano makakapaghanda ang mga ito kung maysakit ang ate nya. He don’t want to think  that what happened to his sister is karma because of the things she have done in the past. Gusto din nyang magkaayos na sina Devon at si Ann. Silang dalawa na lang ang pinakamahalagang babae sa buhay nya.

Maaga pa ng makaluwas sya sa Laguna kaya inaasahan nyang gising pa ang mag-ina nya. Ngunit ng makita nyang walang ilaw sa paligid ay naisip nyang baka tulog na ang mga ito. Bukas na lang nya kakausapin si Devon at ang kanyang anak.  Papasok na sya sa guestroom katabi ng silid ng mag-ina ng marinig nya ang malakas ni Devon.

He hurriedly opened the door and ran straight to the bed. She is shouting and crying at the same time that he became worried.
“Devon, love, wake up.” Marahan nyang tinapik ang pisngi nito. Narinig din nyang umungol ang kanyang anak ngunit hindi naman nagising si RJ.
Pinagmasdan nya ang luhaang mukha ni Devon at katakot-takot na pagpipigil ang ginawa nya upang hindi halikan ang nakaawang na mga labi nito. They have time for that, pero bago ang ganoong bagay kailangang tuluyan silang magkaayos.

Napamulat sya sa marahang haplos na naramdaman nya sa kanyang pisngi. Naramdaman din nyang basa ang kanyang mukha patunay na umiiyak sya. Napabalikwas si Devon ng bangon at agad na niyakap ang natutulog na si RJ.
“What happened?”nagulat sya ng may magsalita sa tabi nya. Nilingon nya ito at mas lalong nagulat ng makitang si James ang nasa loob ng silid nila.
She surveyed the room, still disoriented. Muli nyang tinignan si James at nahuli nya itong nakatitig sa kanya. They stared at each other for a moment, mesmerized by the emotions she is seeing in his eyes. Then she broke down and cried. James hugged her tight.
“Tell me what happened Devon? Huwag ka ng umiyak.” Pinunasan nito ang mga luha nya at patuloy syang inalo.
“A bad dream James, a very bad dream.” Paputol-putol na wika nya. Akala nya totoong nagaganap ang sunog na iyon. Na matutusta silang buhay na mag-ina. Masyado syang natakot para sa anak nya ng mga sandaling iyon. The images are so vivid, it looks so real.

“Anong panaginip?” tanong ni James habang muling nakatitig sa mga mata nya. Sinabi nya dito ang napanaginipan nya. Kung paanong nakatulog silang mag-ina ng maaga, ang eksena kung saan nagising sya dahil sa init at ng bumulaga sa kanya ang nagbabagang silid. Nakikinig lang si James habang hawak nito ang kanyang kamay.

“It’s just a dream, no, a nightmare, Devon. Wala kang dapat ipag-alala.” Wika ni James at sinulyapan ang natutulog na si RJ. Nagtaka sya ng tumayo ito at iniwanan sya sa silid ngunit maya-maya ay bumalik itong may dalang mainit na gatas.

“Here, inumin mo para kumalma ka.” Iniabot ni James ang baso ng gatas at agad nyang ininom iyon.

“Thank you,” kahit paano nakatulong ang pag-inom nya para bumuti ang pakiramdam nya. She can still feel her body shaking because of that nightmare. Kung magkatotoo iyon hindi nya alam kung maililigtas nya ba ang anak nya.

“Feeling much better?” narinig nyang tanong ni James. Hindi nya namalayang nasa kabilang panig na ito ng kama at buong pagmamahal na pinagmamasdan si RJ.
“Yes, thank you,” sagot niya. “Akala ko bukas ka pa uuwi.?”  Tanong niya dito ng kalmado na sya.
“Yes, but I miss my boy,” huminto ito at nilingon siya “I miss you Devon.” She can read the emotions in James’ eyes. It’s strong and magnetic, James’ stare is like a magnet pulling her close to him. Hindi nya matagalan ang titig nito kaya nagbaba sya ng paningin.
Naalala nya ang sinabi nito kaninang magkausap sila sa telepono, “Let’s take baby steps Devon, until we can run again in this race called love” – iyon ang sinabi nito sa kanya kanina. Hindi man nito direktang sinabi na mahal pa rin sya nito, naramdaman nya iyon sa mga salitang ginamit nito.

If fate is giving them another shot to become happy and to continue the love they once shared, she would grab it with both hands. Because God only knows how much she long for James for the past years that they’re apart. She will embrace the thought of him loving her again, of them back in each other’s arms, even if they crawl until they can walk again and run in this race called love – as James have said.

Muli na naman syang nagulat ng maramdaman ang marahang haplos ni James sa kanyang mukha. Dahil sa lalim ng kanyang iniisip hindi nya namalayang nasa harapan nya na pala ito at nakaluhod.

“I’m sorry,” wika nito sa kanya. Nakita nyang lumulunok ito ng ilang beses. A sign that he’s holding back the tears. Hinawakan ni James ang kanyang kamay at hinigit sya patayo.

“Saan tayo pupunta?” nagtatakang tanong nya.
“Shhhh, ayaw mong magising ang anak natin diba so just go with me.” Nakangiting sagot nito sa kanya. Isang alaala ang biglang bumalik ng makita nya ang ngiting iyon ni James, ang kanyang 18th birthday ng tanungin nya ito kung saan sila pupunta. Sinorpresa sya nito ng dalhin sya Batangas at nagovernight sila bilang regalo sa kanya.
Naramdaman nyang nagblush sya ng kasabay ng alaalang iyon ay isa pang napakagandang pangyayari sa buhay nya.

“You’re blushing,” nakangising tudyo ni James sa kanya.  She felt like a teenager blushing because of her crush. For Pete’s sake, she’s already 26! Inirapan lang nya si James na lalong ikinatawa nito. Her heart is filled with so much joy, this moment is priceless. Iginiya siya ni James na umupo sa isang bench sa harap ng bahay nito. Malalim na ang gabi kaya nakaramdam sya ng ginaw. Nangaligkig sya dahil sa lamig at namalayan na lang nyang hinubad ni James ang jacket nito at ibinalabal sa kanya.
“Pasensya na, nilalamig ka tuloy. Gusto ko lang makapag-usap tayo.”bumuntong-hininga ito bago muling nagwika. “Look” itinuro nito ang kalangitan.

The night sky is full of shining stars, napakaraming bituin at hindi nya alam kung bakit naiiyak sya. De ja vu ba ito? O bahagi pa rin ng kanyang panaginip. Kung panaginip pa din ito, ayaw nya munang magising.
“I am waiting for the sun to rise again
Cause I'm anticipating to see your face
Did you know how my heart beats
When you are with me
Ohh Baby I can hardly breathe”

James started to sing “that” song at hindi na napigilan ni Devon ang mga luhang nag-uunahang maglandas sa kanyang mga mata.

“Then you glance my way
My heart skip a beat
Then you look at me
My heart melts with it
Then you flash me those smile
Ohh girl even bugs would die”

If my song can make you smile
Then I'll sing at the top of my lungs
If my song can make you happy
Then I'll sing it to you
Whenever wherever
I'll sing it to you
Whenever wherever
Cause my girl I'm secretly
In love with you”

Tumayo si James at inalalayan syang tumayo din. Hinapit nito ang kanyang bewang at marahang umindak habang umaawit.
“Secretly, I look your way
While you're busy telling me your day
I know I'm just a friend
But I'm willing to be the king of your heart
The king of your heart

If my song can make you smile
Then I'll sing at the top of my lungs
If my song can make you happy
Then I'll sing it to you
Whenever wherever
I'll sing it to you
Whenever wherever
Cause my girl I'm secretly
In love with you”

Under the moonlight and in the shower of the shining stars, they dance while James is singing “that” song.

“So I pick up my guitar,
Play the melody of my heart
Sing the song I made for you
Hope that it will reach you
Hear it wholeheartedly
Cause it's the only way
I say I love you, I love you
It's the only way I say
I love you

If my song can make you smile
Then I'll sing at the top of my lungs
If my song can make you happy
Then I'll sing it to you
Whenever wherever
I'll sing it to you
Whenever wherever
Cause my girl I'm secretly
In love with you”

“The Melody in my Heart” – James’ original composition for her as a birthday gift. And like the first time she have heard the song, tears freely flow from her eyes. Natapos ng kumanta si James at hindi na din sila sumasayaw, ngunit nanatiling magkayakap at magkaugnay ang kanilang mga puso. Parang ang isang magandang eksena sa nakaraan na pipilitin nilang ibalik sa kasalukuyan.

“I’m so sorry Cookie, let’s start anew my love.” Bulong ni James sa kanya. His voice is hoarse and she felt his tears. “Kung hindi puro galit ang naramdaman ko noon at hinanap kita, hindi sana nasayang ang mga taon ng ganoon katagal.”he cried on her shoulder.  “I’m so sorry – ” pinutol nya ang sasabihin nito ng ilagay nya ang hintuturo sa labi ni James.  Hindi sya makapagsalita ng maayos dahil alam nyang puro hikbi lang ang magagawa nya.

She embraced him so tight, hoping that he will get her message. The forgiveness, the longing, the love – hope he will feel it in her embrace. There is no need for words, just James’ presence in their lives is enough.

Nang unti-unting bumaba ang mukha nito upang gawaran sya ng halik, napapikit na lamang si Devon at hinintay na muling maramdaman ang mga labi ni James. Ngunit sa pagpikit nya, isang mukha ang nakita nya – si Tricia. Pakiramdam nya ay binuhusan sya ng malamig na tubig dahil sa imahe ng babae. Iniiwas nya ang mukha kay James at patakbong pumasok sa loob ng bahay. Nangako sya sa babaeng hindi hahayaang maging bastardo ang anak nito. Muntik na nyang baliin ang pangako nya ng dahil sa emosyon nya.

Nagkamali pala sya, hindi pala posibleng mabigyan sila ng isa pang pagkakataon dahil sa mayroon syang masasagasaan.