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THE LAST MYSTIC (unedited version)



THE LAST MYSTIC (by.Purplelavender)
A guardian who lost his memory. An heiress to a mystical power. Enemies after them. A love unveiled.

She is standing on the edge of a cliff when she heard someone calling her name. “Devon” the voice said. She turned her back and saw James standing a few feet away from her. He reached for her but a strong wind blew and she was surprised by it. A loud thug, a man and a woman suddenly appeared. The woman have red flowing hair, she is wearing a short black dress with a cape on it, and knee-high boots. While the other is a blond man who is wearing an all black garments with a cape too. Their eyes are red with fury.
“We want her dead” the man pointed at Devon who is struggling as she stood still. She is so near the edge and one wrong move, she will definitely fall.  “Yes we want her dead” as the woman shouted the words, the earth started to shake, the man pointed his index to Devon’s place and the rocks suddenly collapsed. Devon fell together with the burning rock.
“Devonnnnnnnnnn… No!!!” she heard James shouting while the two other laughing.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” She shouted as she plunged deeper towards the bottom of the cliff, towards her death.
“Hey, sleepy head wake up.” James said as he taps Devon on the shoulder.  He found her on their favorite spot – the big acacia tree. She is sleeping while leaning on the big trunk. They usually go to the place to think and to just talk about some matters. He heard her scream and he rushed to wake her up. Devon opened her eyes, gasping for air. “James, oh James!” she said and hugged him.
“Whoa, what’s the matter. I don’t usually get a hug from you unless you’ll ask something from me.” He joked.
“No, James. I had a dream, a very bad dream.” She looked at him and continued “ It’s the usual James, you, me and two other people. This time, they managed to finish me.”
He felt that strange feeling again upon hearing what her nightmare is about. She is right, she had been dreaming of those things since they became friends. He glanced at her and she saw her sketching something. Curiously, he leaned towards her and saw faces, fierce faces that brought a nauseating feeling to him. “It’s them James, “ she gave him the sketch. He studied the faces thoroughly. As he look on the woman’s eyes, he felt his head aching. So painful, he lost hold of the sketch pad. He kneeled on the floor while holding his head. Devon rushed to his side, he can hear her say “James, what happening to you?”
“Arggh.” He said. He tightly shut his eyes, memories came rushing. Him on a castle, a training ground. Wind, fire, water and earth… A beautiful face. Protect. Him talking to a bearded man. Him, riding on a big bird. A strong thunder, red hair with red eyes. Fire burning hands…. Him falling from the big bird. Darkness…. “James” he heard Devon calling him that name. James? He is not James… he is Elixair, Guardian of the Mystics. All the memories suddenly came back. He was sent in the mortal world to look after the last heiress of the Mystics. The only one who can defeat the Pyros – an evil tribe who vowed to kill all the Mystics.  “James are you alright? You look pale.” She said. He stared at the beautiful face again. The girl he needs to protect against the Pyros. He was ordered to give her the “Sanibara”. It’s a ring with sapphire and ruby stones on it. To mortal eyes they can see it as a stone-studded ring, but in their world it’s the most sacred thing with the image of a Phoenix. It’s only given to the heir/heiress of the Mystics. The Guardians had been working hard to locate the last heir/heiress and their only hope against the Pyros.  Until they found Devon, the daughter of Catalina and Ammarico, the Magnificent Two who bravely fought against the Pyros. The peaceful environment they are experiencing in Myrandia is because of the two. Until their last breath, they offered their lives to protect the village. According to the elders, they managed to send their daughter “Samirah” in the mortal world with a help of a friend. When the Pyros learned about the last heiress, they did their best to look for the girl. Then another memory, an old woman wiping his face and telling him that she found her on the shore. It’s Aunt Aida, the woman who gave him the name James and the one who adopted him.
“Hey James, you’ve been quiet for a while now. Tell me what’s the matter?” she asked him. She noticed that he had been thinking. She saw the knot on his forehead as sweat streams his face. She had known him for almost a month now. He is a transferee in their school and she is his only friend.  And at the start of their friendship, nightmares didn’t fail to visit her anytime it wanted. James looked at her, then finally he spoke “I’m fine Devon,  I think I already know them.”
“Huh? Who are they?” but he ignored her question. “Happy 18th Birthday Devon. Come with me, I’ll buy your birthday present. You choose, I’ll pay.” He said and laughed. “Thank you James, I thought you didn’t know.” She shyly replied.
He smiled and held his hand to her. “I want to give you another present aside from the one I will buy for you,” James said. He took something from his pocket and gave the ring to Devon. “Here, can you wear it now?” Devon looked at the ring, a very beautiful ring with stones on it. “But James, its expensive. I won’t accept it. And, why there’s a phoenix on it?”she curiously asked. James looked hard at Devon and said “You have to wear it, it’s yours.” He took her right hand then put the ring on Devon’s index finger. “Let’s go.”James said again.
She was about to remove his hand from hers when he held it tight. She looked at him and she saw James staring at her. She felt her heart skip a beat while looking at the handsome face. She knew from the start he is special to her. But what is important, they are good friends. She will always be there for him no matter what. Devon just let James hold her hand. Together they walked their way out of the school. She doesn’t know what she wants for her birthday. A PS3? She naughtily thought of the expensive game gadget or the cheaper one, a Gameboy instead? “No” she said to herself. “His presence is enough for me.” As she thought about it, she gave James a quick glance. His handsome face, his brown eyes, his boyish grin. Her friend James is exceptional.
“We need to find her before she can explore her power! The idiots didn’t do their jobs so its just right to kill them” the red haired girl exclaimed with anger. The woman gritted her teeth and looked down where she can see the city. They are riding a big ball of fire that don’t burn their bodies. They are the Pyros, known for their ability to use fire. Anelesha’s head jerked to the north, her eyes burned with fire. “I can feel the Sanibara, it’s just around the corner” she can sense the striking power coming from the ring. She raised her right hand and pointed to the north. “There” as the word came out from her mouth, the ball of fire fly towards the north. A grin formed in her lips “this is the end, I can feel it Ivandresh.” Surging towards the strong power, Analesha knew that the person they are looking for is on that direction. The Sanibara, the last heiress.” There’s a force that is similar to those of Guardians,” she looked at Ivandresh “do your summoning, we need all the back-ups we can have.”
The sun is starting to set, Devon looked up to see the clouds change its colors. “It’s lovely, isn’t it?” James asked her. They are passing through a clearing to get to the superstores. In their province, it’s safe to just walk to the place. “Yes, I’m so fascinated with the clouds, the sky and nature. I don’t know, but sometimes I feel that I can understand them.” She is still looking in the sky so she didn’t see the expectancy in James’ face. He was about to answer when he feels heat, a kind of heat coming from an erupting volcano. “Stay on my back, Samirah” he said unmindful of the name he called her.
“Who’s Samirah, James? I’m not-”she wasn’t able to finish what she’s saying because James moved in front of her. All happened so suddenly, Devon saw balls of fire approaching them. It’s red blazing color will hit them in no time. Devon shouted, while James stood still. “Stay on my back Samirah” James repeated.
She closed her eyes and braced herself for their death, they will burn she is sure about it. They cannot do anything about the blazing fire flying towards them. Moments passed but she didn’t feel any burning pain in her body. She opened her eyes and was blinded by a light, she looked at James. Bewildered, she saw James’ hands held up high, a shield-like light covering them and the balls of fire dispersing when it hit the shield. What shocked her more is James himself, he is not James anymore for he transformed in his Guardian form. He is wearing a golden breastplate and a big sword on his back.
“James, what’s happening?” She looked around and saw the creatures in her dreams. Larger than life, their eyes are fiercer than in her dreams. The woman’s hair is red with fire. Her beauty is extraordinary but she is frightening. The man on the otherhand looked calm, a kind of calmness that immobilize her senses. She became more afraid when she saw a number of creatures riding in ball of fires. She touched James on the shoulder. James looked and she saw sweat streaking from James face. The shield is breaking, she can already feel the heat. Then a loud bang, three pairs of ugly creatures exploded and became dust. His brother Bret who is dressed like James and a beautiful woman with white flowing hair, blue cape and a big wand arrived.
“We’re glad that you finally remember everything Elexair,”she heard her brother said. She is becoming more and more confused because of the names she is hearing. “I am Friszhia, the holder of the Wind and this is Elomio, Elexair. We came to help you bring Samirah in Myrandia.” The woman said.
“Bret brother, what’s happening?” they are no longer protected by James’ shield. Friszhia summoned a wind wall to protect them. Analesha’s burning red hair grew brighter. “We won’t allow you to bring her in your land, we will finish you all!” she throw a ball of fire in their directions and the others follow her lead to continue their attacks. “Elexair, stay with Samirah inside my wind.” Friszhia said
“Elomio, we need to fight them before they can get their filthy hands on her”. They crouched and positioned themselves, Devon saw how they fly outside the shield. Slashing and breaking every fire that comes their way. Her brother is battling with an ugly one-eyed creature who is carrying a torch. She also saw how big and shiny the sword Bret is carrying, like James, light is coming from his body. The beautiful woman is fighting gracefully with the red-haired girl. Suddenly James said “Its time Samirah, you have to know the truth about yourself. Bear in mind that you are the only hope of your kinds..”James said. He told her about the Mystics, her “parents”, her fate and the “Sanibara”. She raised her right hand and stared hard at the ring. The Phoenix eyes became blue and she felt strong as if she is being possessed by something. “You are Samirah, the last Mystic. Great power is within you. Your fate is Myrandia’s hope.” James told her. “I don’t know Elexair but I can feel that I have to fight them.” Thirsty and hungry of the unknown, she pointed her index finger to a tree and the branches became alive. Its trunks embraced the nearest Pyros and the creature became dust too.
“Noooooooooooo!!!”  Anelesha screamed because she saw what Samirah did. “Kill the Mystic! Kill them all!” fire after fire, she aimed to Friszhia and Elomio. Elexair saw Ivandresh charging to Elomio he said, “whatever happenes, stay on the Wind Samirah. Take care” he touched her face and disappeared. Sword to sword, slash after slash he battled against Ivandresh. Looking at the battlefield, she can say that her “friends” will be defeated anytime soon. Anelasha’s fire is so strong, Friszhia’s wind is getting weaker same as the light that comes from Elexair and Elomios body. She wants to fight, she must help them. Her instinct told her what to do, and the sweet voice talking to her mind. “Fight for Justice daughter, follow your heart. It will know what to do.” She touched the wind shield and slowly it enters her body. It became her, the wind is hers. She took a step forward and closed her eyes.
“Samirah!” Elexair shouted because Anelesha fired in her directions while riding the dragon. Ivandresh managed to summon the “Imperio” a fire burning dragon and the most dangerous and powerful creature of all Pyros. She opened her eyes and saw Elexair lying on the floor, his light vanished and his breastplate shattered. She run towards him, tears flowing from her face. “James, oh James.” she said. “Don’t cry Devon, I’m alright. My duty is to protect you Mystic. I am your Guardian.” He closed his eyes as Devon cried in his side. “Samirah, don’t worry about him. Soon he will be alright.” Friszhia said. She too is becoming weaker. Her eyes surveyed the place to look for Elomio who is struggling to fight three Pyros at the same time. She needs to do something. They are only four against a number of enemies.
She stand up, held up her hands, her eyes became a cold blue – the Sanibara glows. “I am Samirah, daughter of  Catalina and Ammarico, the last Mystic” as she said the words while walking, her body emits a blue fiery light. “I am the fate and hope of Myrandia, receive the fury of the Phoenix!” she shouted.  Samirah uttered a prayer and all the trees came to life, branches crawling on the Pyros’ bodies. “I command the water spirits to extinguish the fire” thunder boomed and rain poured, the enchanted water blasted all the fire and some creatures became dust in no time. Some Pyros managed to put a shield on them. Anelesha shielded the Imperio against Samirah’s attack. The crystal rain stopped pouring. Half of the enemies had been defeated by Samirah’s power.
Samirah looked in Elexair’s location She saw him standing together with Elomio and Freszhia. She smiled because the lights coming from their bodies has become stronger. They are ready for the final battle. Guardians and Mystic against the evil Pyros.  She waited for them to reach her, side by side, their mystical powers combined they will surely win. “For Myrandia, finish all the Pyros.” Samirah shouted. Her blue light grew stronger, a large blue Phoenix came out from the Sanibara. She rode the Phoenix and fly to battle the evil Imperio. Fire after fire, blue and red fire coming from Samirah and Anelesha. Elomio and Friszhia finished the remaining Pyros, Elexair’s sword on Ivandresh head before it became dust. The battle is just between Samirah’s Phoenix and Anelesha’s Imperio. “I will kill you Mystic!” Imperio breathed fire but The Phoenix avoids it. Samirah stood up while riding the blue Phoenix, hands raised on both sides

 “For Myrandia! For my parents and for all the Mystics and Guardians. Spirit of Water, Wind and Earth be unto me.” her words thundered in the whole place, strong wind, water flooding and the earth shaking. Her blue Phoenix became red and became bigger. “Die Pyros,die!” Samirah and the Phoenix both fired in Anelesha’s directions. A loud bang and a blinding light, then there’s silence.  Anelesha and its Imperio is defeated. Samirah is standing still and the Sanibara is still glowing. “It’s finished, we won.” She heard Elomio said. “We have to bring you to Myrandia where you belong Samirah.”Friszhia told her. She nodded and looked at Elexair who is staring at her. “You are extraordinary Devon.” He said. “Thank you James. Why did you do it?” she asked. “Did what? I told you that’s my duty. To guide and guard you. And I couldn’t bear to see you in pain Devon.”He embraced her tight. “Come home with us Devon, I will be your Guardian forever. You are my Mystic, my Samirah.” Devon just smiled at him, she knew they have all the time in Myrandia to love and protect each other. - end


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