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The Araneta Coliseum is filled with fans, friends and media of the well-known singer. All the tickets had been sold out and the people are patiently waiting for the show to start. The lights went off as a sign that it will start soon. Four, three, two, one…
The man came out of the backstage carrying a guitar. He is wearing a blue-checkered polo, his hair tousled and his eyes twinkled with pride upon seeing his supporters. His fans, he thought.
“Good evening ladies and gentlemen!” he greeted. The crowd cheer, the ladies gasp with delight as they giggle and stare at the handsome man.
The man surveyed the place again, waving to the people especially the girls. He’s happy to see his supporters. This is his 5th major concert since he became a solo singer.
“Thank  you for coming tonight, you guys never fails to support me that’s why I love you KEHRBEARS, JAMESTERS, and to everybody, thank you.” He paused, strummed his guitar and spoke again “Let’s start rocking tonight!”
The crowd broke into an applause again as James started to sing his first song.
You left me with goodbye and open arms
You were always invinsible in my eyes
The only thing against us now is time..
The show went on, with some guest performers James have time to have a short break. His concert is coming to an end. He only have one song left. All the songs he sang tonight are included in his new album, MELODY IN MY HEART. Ironically, years ago he wrote a song similar to that title. But now, it’s far different  from that rubbish song. He wrote all the songs in this album that came from his heart. All, especially the last song.
Anger flooded his entire being again when he remembered “that woman”. He could not believe that he still feels the same pain like before. Maybe because of the loss of his innocent child. He shook his head to break the flow of the memories, it wouldn’t bring any good to him.
“Sigurado ka bang kakantahin mo pa yun?” his thoughts were cut when he heard his sister’s voice. Ate Ann has been his Manager  ever since he became a solo artist. When he joined the Youth Oriented show, “Let’s Shout”, he’s under the management of Mr. Mana. The show went on for two years and aside from that he has some performances in a Sunday noontime program.
“Yes, that’s the finale, Ate. Bakit mo naman naitanong?”he asked habang nagpapalit ng polo.
“I’m just making sure that you’re ok, James. Nga pala, Trish has arrived,  I’ve reserved a seat for her so makikita mo sya na katabi ko.”   
“Okay, whatever. I need to go out to finish this concert.” He said. Lumabas sya sa kanyang dressing room at nagtungo muli sa entablado. He thanked all the guest performers for gracing his concert. 
Nilapitan nya ang grand piano na nasa gitna ng stage. He chose to play the piano for his finale. Before starting, he thanked the audience again, all his supporters and sponsors and the guest performers.
“This concert won’t be a success without you guys, thank you so much. Kung hindi dahil sa suporta nyo, walang James Roy ngayon.” Ngumiti sya sa camera and the girls can’t help themselves but to swoon to that handsome face on the big screen.
“And for my last performance for tonight, I’ll give you this song.” He paused and sighed.
“I wrote this song years ago, because this is simply the melody in my heart. Hope you’ll like it. This is for you.” Nagsimula syang tugtugin ang piano. The sad intro filled the whole place.
“Oh I was perfect for the circus
If she dared me I’ll do it
Love make you stupid.

I gave it up
But I guess it was not enough
Coz she never seems satisfied”

Tahimik ang buong paligid na parang tumatanim sa kanilang puso ang bawat katagang inaawit ni James.

“I know I’m not perfect
But at the end of the day
Who is?
She wanted someone that’s perfect
Okay, But can you tell me who is?”

Hulog na hulog sa pagtugtog at pagkanta si James kaya hindi nya namamalayan ang reaction ng mga tao sa awitin nya. Some of them are crying, while others are holding back their tears. As if they knew the story behind that song, as if they can feel his pain.

“She’s at the bar
Just above the stars
A rocket couldn’t reach it
But I kept of reaching

She watched me try
Atleast a thousand times
If she loved me she’d stop me
But no”

Dumiin ang pagtipa nya sa piano, and the cold expression in his eyes were back again. His face is emotionless but his voice is full of it. Good thing the audience cannot see that he’s gritting his teeth while singing the second part. Angry, he continued singing.

“I know I’m not perfect
But at the end of the day
Who is?
She wanted someone that’s perfect
Okay, But can you tell me who is?”

I saw something worth my future
So wrong, so wrong
In my mind I would find a reason
But I guess I wasn’t wrong

I know I’m not perfect
But at the end of the day
Who is?
She wanted someone that’s perfect
Okay, But can you tell me who is?”

Natapos ang kanyang kanta at masigabong palakpakan ang kanyang inani. Tumayo na sya at nagbow sa lahat.

“Goodnight everyone! Thank you again. Please don’t forget to buy “Melody in my Heart.” It’s now out in the market.” James said then he walks back to backstage.


“Congratulations Honey!” the woman hugged and kissed him on the lips. Flashes of the cameras followed, as the woman willingly pose for the media.

“Hey, kamusta ang show mo?” tanong niya dito.

“Well its one hell of a show! Madaming tao.” Answered the woman.

“Excuse me, James Roy and Trish, pwede ba kayong ma-interview together?” tanong ng isang showbiz reporter.

“Sure!” singit ng Ate Ann nya kahit hindi pa sya sumasagot. Napailing na lamang si James, pagbibigyan nya na lang ang interview ng makauwi na sya at makatulog.

“Ok, but make it quick.”malamig na wika nya.

“Why honey? Are you taking me out for late dinner kaya gusto mong bilisan ang interview?” tanong ni Trish. The woman had been his companion, and eventually his girlfriend and now his fiancĂ©e. Sa nakalipas na taon, si Tricia at ang Ate Ann nya ang naging karamay nya. Ito ang nagtyaga sa kanya at tumulong din sa kanila. Ngayon,  isa na itong sikat na modelo. Every man dreams to be with her, yun ang laging sinasabi nito sa kanya. But he doesn’t care a bit kahit na malapit na ang kanilang kasal.  Tricia grew up before his very eye dahil ito ang laging kasama ng ate nya.

“Hey, I’m asking you” pukaw ni Tricia sa kanya.

Nagkibit-lamang sya ng balikat at inutusan ang press na simulan na ang interview.  

Nagsimula na ang interview at hindi nya naiwasan ang paghihikab. He apologized for his behavior but what can he do, he’s tired to the bone.

“Last question na lang James Roy and Trish, when will the wedding bells ring?” nakangiting tanong ng baklang gossip writer.

Tricia looked at him expectedly, he gave her a dry smile. He will answer that question, dahil naisip nyang ibigay kay Tricia ang gusto nito.

“Soon, we’ll start the wedding preparations next week. Before this year ends, the wedding will push through. Come on, it’s just February!” naiiling na wika nya.

“Oh my God, as in for real? Honey, I’m so happy!” wika ni Tricia at niyakap sya ng mahigpit. Kislap na naman ng camera ang sumunod at sigurado syang mga mukha nila ang nakalagay sa mga gossip magazines.

Natapos na ang interview at nagpaalam sya sa ate nya at kay Tricia na gusto nyang mapag-isa. Walang nagawa ang mga ito ng lisanin nya ang lugar, gusto nyang mapagisa. He needs a drink so he went to “Papa Bear’s”, a private bar na pag-aari ni Joe. Doon pwede nyang gawin ang lahat ng walang camerang nakasunod. Gusto nyang huminga at mag-isip.

“Bakit masakit pa rin hanggang ngayon?” tanong nya sa sarili.


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