Saturday, 28 August 2010


The pain won't stop, there's a hole inside my heart.

 a knife cut so deep, without bleeding but oh so dying....

tears fell, no its weeping...

wept for the day all the lies began.

sufferings, pain all the things put in vain.

laughter all shallow without happiness

happiness all dry without love

love all dreams shattered

nightmare halted.

Pain - its normal all of us feels pain

Love - pure magic anyone can give

Sufferings, with love and pain....

All obscurity..

All insane...

Madness and passion is not love

The world ended, torn me apart

Heart stops beating

continue breathing.

Sun will shine

waters flow

birds sing

trees grow

but the burial is on going

something that cannot be mended

colors already faded.

My heart in rest 

long suffering's ended

but heart won't live for something insane

now you can hear

J.M. POBLETE(akosilavender)              


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