Sunday, 19 September 2010


He is dreaming, in his dream he is with her. Just like the old times, full of love and happiness. He held her in his arms,  kiss her hair and whispered "I love you". He was about to kiss her lips when he heard a phone ringing....

His cellphone is ringing, somebody is calling him. He don't want to wake up because his dream will end. He opened his eyes and sat on the bed, dazed he looked around his room.  His clothes are scattered on the floor, he is naked. He remembered his dream, and he learned that it was not a dream.. its true. 

They shared something special, and she was not lying. He felt that she still loves him, she was not pretending when she cried his name and hugged him tight. She still love him, and that's what matters to him now. He will do it right for them, again.  They belong together, he is planning on taking her in a different place. They will start anew. Just the two of them. No one and nothing can tear them apart. This time, he will fight until his very last breath.

His cellphone continue ringing so he decided to take the call. It was her, the new girl. She is asking him what time he'll be there.He totally forgotten about it because of his love. He apologized and said that he couldn't make it today,

"Hey there, I'm sorry something came up that I need to attend to. I'll be there tomorrow, we need to talk." he said and exchange goodbyes to her. 

He rushed to the bathroom to take a quick shower and to refresh his mind. He knew, he would be taking another chance again. Another journey for their love to start, because he knew no matter how consequences tear them apart, fate still leads them back to each other. 


He is on his way to her house. He bought her favorite flowers and a box of chocolates. She love chocolates, next to him. He can't help but smile. He had made some phonecalls earlier to inquire about a place where they can spend the whole week together. He will ask for a leave in his work to be with her on that special place. He is excited to be with her alone again. He is sure that she will love the place. She loves everything and anything that comes from him. He wants his little woman back. Same old brand new love story for them.

One block away from her home, he felt something odd. He can see that there's a lot of people in her house. He can hear the sound of a coming ambulance. He hurriedly alighted from his car, pushed the people who are blocking his way, his heart hammering on his chest. He is scared, he wanted to cry, what is happening? "God, don't let anything bad happen to her. " he said as he made double steps to reach her room. He saw 3 or 4 people on that room and someone laying on the bed. Blood dripping from her wrist. The other people noticed him, those are her relatives, the younger one shook her head as she cries. 

He stood there, frozen, unable to move. He looked again into the body laying on the bed. The white mattress is covered with blood. He can see the pale beautiful face, not moving, not breathing. That made him move. He ran towards her bed, tears flowing from his face. He saw her lifeless body, her cut wrist, her peaceful face. Strange, she seems smiling when she died. He touched her face, and kissed her

"Love, why love? Didn't you feel that there's still hope for us? Why did you give up?"he said unmindful of the crowd inside.

"Why did you do this? Why love? I thought you will never leave me. Why?" he said crying hugging her.  

He noticed that her cut wrist was clutching something. He opened her palm and he saw there on her blooded hand, the ring he gave her before. Until her death, she is still holding on to the possibility that he will love her again. That made him weep more. 

"Love, why? I love you still. I should have told you." he said and cried there like a child. Until her sister pat his back and handed him something. It is letter, her letter. He cried more and more when he read her letter.He was left alone on that room. The ambulance came and took her body away. Her family went with them. Alone in her room where she took her life away. Holding her photo and blaming himself for not letting her know what he feels.  Hours ago, they were happy, they were one. But now, she completely left him, forever.  She has led his life to misery again. How can he move on now. It is easier to know that she is alive and just somewhere than knowing she will never come back.

 "Love, I'll grant you your last wish. I forgive you for all the things you've done. I love you." he said and he got up to fix her things. He should do it for her. He should be happy. He will be happy for her. His one true love.

Her letter to him:


Thank you for the wonderful memories that you have given me. You are my life, my love, my happiness. I'm sorry for all the miseries I've caused you. I don't deserve someone like you. You are so honest, kind and loving. A woman like me deserves less from you. Though I'm not worthy of your love, you accepted me again, made me feel special and cherished me like the way you used to. But, I have made one big mistake in my life. I cheated you once but that doesn't mean that I didn't honestly love you. I regret that day and you know what it caused us. I was a coward,I chose to hurt you with my lies than hurt myself if ever you won't forgive me. I became vulnerable of the thought of losing you when you learn what I've done. I was scared, I don't want you to know everything. Because it might hurt you more. I got stuck in a situation where I don't know how to end. Please don't think of the woman who I become when you remember me. I want you to remember me like the first time we met. Bubbly, beautiful and loving you madly. Please love.

I'm happy that you're ready to fall in love again. I wish that she will take good care of you. That she will love you more than I do. But love,like what I've told you earlier, I will love you until eternity. Be happy, live longer, and work your relationship with her. My life is worthless without you, please forgive me I have to do this. I want peace now. Don't worry love, I will always be with you, guiding you. You can still feel my love, it won't leave you. Please love, give me the forgiveness I'm asking from you so I can peacefully leave this place. Again, I'm sorry. 

Now I die with you in my heart. No one else, no one but you. My love for you is through eternity. 
Until we meet again. I love you always. Kisses and love.



Love is a gift from the Lord above, it's either you choose to love and live, fight for it. Or let go and not know the true meaning of love.

If you love someone, never leave him. If you love someone, never cheat. If you love someone, cherish him every second of your life. If you love someone, always make him feel important. And if you love someone, LOVE HIM WITH ALL YOUR HEART.

True love comes once in a lifetime. 
Don't let it pass you by.


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