Saturday, 18 September 2010

RAMMARICO (Regret) 2

Part 2

He should move on they say. Yes, he's moving on. He admits, he's been a different person for the past 2 months. His family can testify on that. He only knows one thing - alcohol. He was broken, depressed and betrayed by someone he cherished the most, but now, he's finally getting his senses back. Little by little, the pieces had been restored again. He is back, his true self. 

Though there's still pain when he thought about her, but masochist as he is, he knows everything ever since they parted ways. He knows what she had become, what kind of life she's living now. He feels sad for her, she has chosen a life that led her to misery. If he can just change everything.

But fate has other plans for them, one day he received a message coming from her asking if he would meet her. She's begging in her message, she said it's urgent. He obliged  because he still cares for her and if truth be told, he still love her.  She said they will meet  in the same place where she broke his heart, memories flooded his mind but he tried to ignore it. He just want to know what she wants and he wants to see her again. 

He was taken by surprise on what she asked of him. She wants him back into her life, for him to love her again. She cried that day telling him that she never stop loving him, she still love him and his face never left her mind. 

"Believe me, I never stop loving you." she said as tears flow on her lovely face.

He can't seem to think of any right word to say, all he did was hold her hand and look into her eyes. He saw deep longing in her eyes, as if she really suffered from their parting. Her emotions matched his. 

"I don't know what to say, you.. " she didn't let him finish what he's saying.She put a finger on his lips to stop him from talking and in a second, she was kissing him. 

Her kiss is enough for him to accept her again. God knows how much he long for her, how much his heart still ache for her. And now is the opportunity to have her back. In the middle of that crowded place, in the corner where  nobody can see them, two broken hearts had been united again... as one. 

They say that love is lovelier the second time around. In his case, it's true. Because he made everyday so special for her. He always see to it that she feels  loved and important to him. The way they love each other now is deeper than before. Days gone by full of happiness and love. 


She is happy and now contented. Thankful for another chance that he gave her. She will do everything to be worthy of his love again. She came from the store where she bought a couple of his favorite brand of shirt as a monthsary gift for him. She look in  the mirror where she saw a radiant and blooming woman. No doubt about it, she is happy and loved. She was about to take a bath when her cellphone rang, an unfamiliar number calling. Curiously she answered the phone,

"Hello, who's this?" 

"Hey babe, you totally forgotten about me eh?" the man on the other line answered.

Fear enveloped her upon hearing that voice. She can smell trouble. "What do you want?"

"Oh, I can tell you personally. All you have to do is open this damn door so I can come in."

"No please leave, I don't want to see you anymore." she begged.

"Let me in or you'll regret what will I do. I have some surprise for you that I'm sure you would like to know. "he said and laughed without humor.

Scared, she hurriedly open the door and without any word the man entered the room giving her that familiar smirk on his face.

"What do you want?"

"You" he answered.

"Please let me be alone," crying, she begged.

"Oh please cut that bull. I want you back in my life, or else.." he throw the envelope his holding, photos and a couple of cd scattered on the floor.

"Oh my God, you can't do this to me. You can't!!" she said hysterically. 

Her dreams and future, they will come to an end - again. Because of that one single mistake. The skeletons in her closet are coming at her and hunting her down. She doesn't want him to see all those rubbish, she don't want her love to die again. She don't want to hurt him for the second time. She don't want this to happen. 

She must be dreaming, no this is not a dream. It's a nightmare. "Please somebody wake me up" she said on her thoughts.

The man stood there watching how she look, how the emotions passed her beautiful face. He is getting back what is his. She belong to him, only him.

"You know what to do. You know where to find me. Cut that filthy relationship with that dumb man and be with me again. Or you rather I send these photos and cds to him?" he said and left her.

She is just sitting on the floor, holding the things that will lead to her death again. Questions on her mind, tears still flowing never leaving her eyes. 

"Why do I have to meet him? Why do I have to be that stupid? Why did I trusted him?" she asked her self, hating herself more and more each seconds passing by. Will she choose to fight him and stay in the arms of the man she love or hurt the man she love again for him not to know how low she was. Another decision, another heartache coming.

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  1. bakit walang name ang mga characters?
    pero like na like ko pa rin ang story!!!!!!!!!!