Sunday, 19 September 2010

RAMMARICO (Regret) 3

Part 3

Today is their month anniversary. He bought flowers and will give her a special gift.  He decided to fetch her up before bringing her out. It's been three months since their reunion and he can say, their love is more mature and it blossomed into something more intimate.

He is excited to meet her, so he rushed to her house. He was about to knock when he noticed that her door wasn't fully closed. He peeked through the door and saw them.. Yes, them, her love with that man, kissing.  His world tumble down, he couldn't believe what he's seeing. She's doing it again, and what is worst, he's seeing it right before his very eyes. He open the door so loud, they didn't seem to bother. She look at him poker faced, her eyes without life. The man on the other hand throw him an arrogant look and is grinning. He just stood there, his mended heart suddenly collapsed into pieces again. Much worst than before, today it seems unrepairable. He waited for her to talk, for her to explain everything. But instead, she kissed the man again. He can't take it any longer. He hurriedly went straight to the door, away from that place. He is furious, because of his anger he forgot to punch that bastard on his face. Shame on him, shame on him that he's been fooled twice. He will never ever trust her again. Never...


Yes, she is kissing him. But he didn't see the tears on her face. He didn't see that while she's doing that cursed action she was weeping. The man suddenly pushed her away because he can taste her tears.
 "What the hell?" he said..

"You're a devil. Damn you for giving me this much pain." she said still crying.

"I'll leave you now, but wait what a great show it was. If you could only see the look on his face you..." he said before she cuts him off.

"You are happy destroying other people's lives. You are a heartless beast. You have me now, but in the end it's still him. My heart belongs only to him. For him alone. Lock the door when you leave, or just don't bother. " she said then went straight to her room.

She lay on her bed, emotionless. The tears on her eyes had stopped coming. She stares blankly as if she is blind. She just sits there waiting for something that is not going to happen. She don't want this kind of life. She regrets everything except for one - her love, HIM. She thought that her happiness would not end, that they will be together forever. 

All went well according to plan. She knew he was coming on that very moment. She left the door open with a little gap, she played along with that bastard for him to see what they are doing. She did all that. Simply because she don't have the guts to speak, to tell him that it's over for them -  again. She died with him, their dreams, their happiness, their lives. Together, they died. She have to go with the flow. Life must go on, she deserve all these punishments, all these curses. Her life has never been the same again eversince she made that grave mistake. It's not him who is suffering much pain, it's her.

From now on, she will be living  a worthless and wasted life. 

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