Sunday, 12 September 2010

RAMMARICO (Regret) 1

He's been sitting there for more than an hour now waiting for his girl. They should've finished their dinner by now if she just arrive on time. But he is patiently waiting for her, she sent a text message saying that she's on her way.He can't do anything but to wait. He missed her so much. He noticed something different these past few weeks, something is terribly wrong. They say that a woman can feel if her man is cheating, they call it "woman intuition".
But how about men? Why is he feeling this way, as if ice had frozen something unseen. 

His gaze turned towards the entrance door hoping that soon she'd arrive. And then, the most beautiful woman for him is carefully walking in his direction. There's this familiar beating and excitement in his heart like the first time he met her. My girl, he told himself. But again, she looks strange, there's something odd in the way she look at him. And it's making him scared of something.

"Hi, love how are you?" he asked and kissed her cheek. Shoot, she feels cold too - the man thought. 

"Just fine," she said calmly. "Have you eaten? I need to talk to you." 

"Not yet, been waiting for you, I want to eat with you. " he said and look straight into her eyes. 

She meet his gaze for a moment but suddenly broke off. "Can we have dinner now, I'm starving." she said.

"Yes love," she didn't even bother to use their endearment. 

They ate silently, without any word. As if it's a crime to have a conversation while eating. Then she spoke,

"I'm sorry, I can't pretend anymore." she said void of any emotion.

"What do you mean by that?" he asked astonished on what he's hearing.

"I don't love you anymore, we can't continue this." straight into  face and his heart.

What she said rendered him speechless. Just like that,she said it coolly without minding his feelings. Where is the sweet girl who loved him for more than five years now? What happened after they planned their wedding? What's happening to her?

"But why love? What have I done?" he asked hurt evident on his face.

She sigh,"I guess I have to use the old cliche- It's not you,it's me."

"Is there someone new?" he asked looking at her intently

She met his eyes, stared in the most beautiful pair of chocolate brown eyes for a moment. She can't say a word, but she have to. 

"Yes" she said blatantly "I'm sorry I have to leave. Goodbye." she got up then without turning her back, she left him.

"Just like that, just like that.." he said. If only he can cry, but no, he won't cry in public. But at the moment, his heart is weeping. Because the woman whom he love for the longest time dumped him without any other explanation.

  He got up, unmindful of the crowd, left some bills on the table and turn to leave that place. 


She's been crying eversince she left the place. She can't believe that she'd hurt the kindest and most loving man she met years ago. She ended their relationship when they are about to get married. Good thing, they haven't prepared anything yet. She have no choice but to do it even if it hurts so much, more painful than what she did to him. 

She can't believe that a single mistake can ruin everything, even her life. She lost the most loving person and the worst part of it, he's angry with her.

"Good thing you know what to do." said a voice behind her.

"You beast,you should be happy by now. You got what you wanted." she turn to leave but he grab her arm and pull her back.

"Where do you think you're going? Come on, come with me." he's grinning and she can't take  it. 

"No, please let me be alone." she begged but he won't let her go. "Let me go, or I'll call someone to help me." she said in a dry voice. 

The man saw her determination and he let go of her arm. She quickly walks away from him, away from the place where she had her heart broken into pieces. Tears streaming freely from her face, she ride a cab and head home.

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